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What Makes Sen Organic So Special?

We work with local farmers

Special thanks to Chesapeake Green Farm, Polyface Farm, Schofield Farm, Authentics Farm, Rudy Mushroom, and Tokyo Market for providing Sen with the freshest local ingredients.

We support local artists

Big thank you to ceramacist Robin Cage and muralist Virginia Suddarth for their artistic contributions to Sen Organic.

We accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions

Our menu was made with  dietary restrictions in mind and as a result we have multiple dishes that can be made vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free,etc. on our menu

We love being eco-friendly

At Sen we aim to be eco-friendly. We use herbs from our own garden, compost our ingredients, use hand sanitizers made with essential oils, and use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Organic Teas

At Sen Organic, we have unique blends of 27 organic loose-leaf teas. We hand bag each tea bag and we sell our teas by the ounce ($16.99/oz)!

We're a small, locally owned business!

We love to support local businesses because we are a local business! Opened by our owner Hang Pham in 2016, we have made efforts to make Sen Organic a unique and special spot to the community

Organic and Natural foods are our priority

Sen Organic foods contain no GMOs or MSG and we use only organic produce! Our meat is grass-fed, grain fed, pasteurized, and non antibiotic unless otherwise indicated

Everything is made in-house

Everything in made in-house from our broth, to bread, to sauces, to our syrups and condensed milks.

Our Vietnamese Coffee...

Our Vietnamese Coffee is bought and transported directly from Vietnam. It is also served with our house-made condensed or coconut condensed milk.

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