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B & B (Benedictine & Brandy) D.O.M

Boldly flavored and rich to the palate, this French brandy is brimming with rich flavor notes that are reminiscent of tea, sage, and fennel combined. The taste of cognac reveals itself mid-palate along with an elegantly lingering warmth that is guaranteed to delight the senses.

Catoctin Creek OG Rye Whisky

Certified organic and kosher, this single-barrel rye is made in Virginia's wine country from 100% rye grains. Tastes of fruits and nuts, with some spice. Fresh, with sweet, fruity notes and a very flavorful, smooth, and warm finish.

Cra'neo OG Mezcal Espadin

Crisp and flinty, with notes of minerals and wet earth. A worthy sipper

Dulce Vida OG Anejo Tequila 100 Proof

This organic tequila is aged in American Bourbon Whiskey barrels for 24 months. You'll taste intense agave and fruit notes with delicate flashes of vanilla and wood, giving way to a sweet, smooth finish.

Farmer's OG Gin

Farmer's Organic Botanicals Gin is adored for its grain, elderflower, lemongrass, and spicy flavor notes of juniper, roses, ginger. Clean, long, and dry.

Hunter & Scott Bourbon Whiskey

This smooth, balanced, and versatile Bourbon has a mash bill of 75% corn, 20% wheat, and 5% rye, all locally grown in Virginia. Finish taste of milky coffee, cinnamon, menthol, and honeysuckle.

OG Hardy VSOP Cognac

Refined, long, baked fruits, and roasted spice. Hardy Cognac VSOP Organic is first, and foremost, a fine VSOP Cognac with all that this entails. Designated organic with recycled packaging.

Square One OG Rye Vodka

Square One Organic Rye Vodka is a premium spirit, with a rich, nutty taste and a full, silky texture.

Vitae Spirits Golden Rum

The robust character of Golden Rum makes it particularly well-suited for deep and intense cocktails. Vitae Spirits’ Golden Rum is formulated with the word “rich” as its paradigm.

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