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Item List

"Bò Kho" Sài Gòn

Slow-cooked for 6 hrs Grass-Fed Beef infused with lemongrass special mixed spice straight from Sai Gon.
Gluten Free Noodle

BÁNH MÌ (bân mî) Sài Gòn Style

Sài Gòn style bread style, homemade Vietnamese lean pork sausage, all spice roasted pork belly, Sen pate, topped with organic Sen pickles, organic cucumber and organic cilantro, organic hot chili pepper - optional.

Cơm Thịt Nướng

Vietnamese dish made from rice with fractured organic Matcha powder with rice grains, topped with green onion olive oil sauce, slices of organic tomato, organic cucumber and organic Sen pickles. Served with organic sunshine egg and our grandma mixed fish sauce.
Pork Tendeloin
Chicken Breast
Pork Chop
"Gulf" Shrimp

Lemongrass Chicken Skewer

Fresh prime herbs with artisan lettuce, cucumber, sweet onions, and shallot pickle.

Lemongrass Salmon - Grandma Style

Wild caught fillet Salmon marinated with special grandma style content: organic turmeric powder and organic lemongrass, served with organic mixed brown and black rice. Topped with organic mirco green rainbow mix, signature saute veggie noddles and a side of house fish sauce.

Lemongrass Shrimp

Fresh prime herbs with artisan lettuce, cucumber, sweet onions, and shallot pickle.

Lemongrass Tofu - Grandma Style

Organic tofu marinated with special grandma style that contains, organic turmeric powder and organic lemongrass, served with organic brown rice cooked Sen style, topped with microgreen rainbow mix, signature saute organic veggie noodles and sen vegan sauce.
Frilled OG Oyster Mushroom
Without OG Oyster Mushroom


The great combination between the fresh organic herbs mixed with bean sprouts and broiled gluten free rice noodle, crispy taste of fried organic began golden rolls, topped with organic Sen pickles, hand fried shallots, grounded peanuts, organic scallion with pure olive oil sauce. Finished with our special in-house sauce.
Grilled Pork
White Meat Chicken
"Gulf" Shrimp
Oyster Mushroom

Organic Hủ Tiếu “Sen”

A soup that is very popular in the South of Vietnam. One of the many types of single bowl dishes you’ll notice frequently as you walk around the streets of Saigon is “Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang”. Hủ tiếu originally comes from Kuy Teav, and in its simplest and purest form, is a soup, normally made with pork bones, and served with a variety of different types of noodles. Nam Vang is the Vietnamese word for Phnom Penh, the largest and capital city of Cambodia. Sen from Hủ Tiếu Sen indicates that we use all natural ingredients, and it is still keeping the traditional taste. The special thing when you order Hủ Tiếu Sen, you will get our house dressing. The pork broth is sweeter than pho broth, gluten free thin rice noodles, serve with combination of shrimp, sautéed ground pork, cooked pork short ribs, chicken, quail eggs, Accompanied by a plate of greens that included: lettuce, chives, chrysanthemums, and Chinese celery with in house grown organic bean sprouts, organic lime and serrano.

Organic Mushroom Hot Pot

A delightfully warm meal to enjoy with the family and friends. Organic Mushroom: Maitake - King Trumpet - King Oyster - Shitake - Black Oyster - Breech - Snow (White) Mushroom, Organic ginger, Organic ORKA, Organic Tomato, Organic pineapple, Non-GMO chrysanthemum - water crest - rice paddy - basil - culantro, organic tofu. Gluten-free rice noodles.
Half Spicy, Half Mild
Fried Tofu
Gulf Shrimp
Wild caught Salmon
House made Grass Fed Beef meat ball
Green Veggies add on
Mushroom add on

Organic Sen Bún Huế Soup Bowl

A special home made seasoning mild spicy, organic lemongrass soup with organic pineapple slices and served with broiled gluten-free fat rice noodles, topped with organic sweet onion and diced organic green onion - organic cilantro. Comes with side of fresh herbs - vegetable plate and organic bean sprouts, organic lime, organic jalapeno.
Vegan (Fried tofu, fried skin tofu, vegan beef, organic beech mushroom)
Meat (cooked beef brisket steamed Vietnamese banana lean pork saugage-cooked special pork meat)
Meat (Add Pork Hock)

Purple "BÚN" Sen

Introduced our slow-cooked braised pork belly - duck eggs (one of special dish cooked by our grandma on Lunar New Year Holiday) with house broth, topped: chives flower, culantro, fried shallot, lime juice.

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