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"Trà đào" Shaken Peach Infusion Tea

Black Goji Berries

The most wonderful healthy drink with 9 evidence benefits very nutritiously. Excellent source of antioxidants. Have anti-aging benefits. Help prevent cancer growth. Improve Blood Sugar. Boost Energy levels. Help you lose weight. Improve Cholesterol Levels. Organic Black Goji, OG youth Tea, OG Agave, Vegan Whipped Cream

DragonFly Tea [Special]

Hot / Ice

Fresh Squeeze Organic Orange Juice

Herbal Chai Tea [Special]

Late Sunset

Handcrafted, in-house-made soda from scratch: Wild berries, Agave.

Little Sunshine

Handcrafted, in-house-made soda from scratch: Orange, Strawberries, Mints, Agave.

Natural Coconut Juice With Pulp

Natural Sen Hydrating Tea

Freshly steeped for 5 hours, cogon grass, nettle leaf, hydrated grass roost, licorice, sugar cane stake, artichoke to detox
Small 8 to 10 oz
Large 16 to 22 oz

Natural Sparkling Water

Organic Blended Teas

Served with organic candied ginger Afternoon Delight Stay Well Relax Long Life Oolong Tea Detox Moroccan Mint & Chamomile Flower
Tea Pot

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