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Item List

"Gỏi Ghe" Salad

Arugula, roasted cashew nut, gif, orange, sweet onions, basil, garlic pickles.
Chicken Breast
Pork Belly
Gulf Shrimp

"Open-Face" French Slice Sandwich

Organic sweet onion saute on top of grilled white meat chicken or pork - grilled organic mozzarella cheese with French baguette, topped with organic arugula, organic red pepper and organic roasted sesame seed. Comes with special home made gluten free, vegan tamarind sauce.

Bột Chiên Sài Gòn

House made fried organic rice flour cubes with taro-carrot, organic free range eggs, organic green onion and dried shallots topped with shredded green papaya and a special house made organic tangy soy sauce on the side with hot chili pepper. This is a popular after school snack for young students in southern Vietnam.

Chicken Wings - Sài Gòn Style

Deep fried chicken wings and sauteed in an original sauce of Sài Gòn or Sen served with Sen organic pickles.
Sai Gon Style (Sweet Tasty)
Sen Style (Sour & Spicy)

Crispy Fried Organic Tofu

Crispy organic tofu fried & served with special home made gluten-free vegan tamarind sauce and roasted organic sesame seeds.

De Lotus Gombo

Fried Lotus Roots with Okra hints lemon

Gourmet Pate` Plate

Enjoy special in-house made paté, served with infused rosemary garlic bread.

Organic 5 Spices Butter Quail

Chim Cút chiên bơ, Sài Gòn street food

Organic Chicken Tartlets

Organic- Gluten-Free flour, Organic chicken breast, Non-GMO mozzarella cheese, Organic spinach, Organic parsley.

Organic Fresh Brown Spring Roll / Gỏi Cuốn

Gluten free rice noodle steamed pork belly, "gulf" shrimp roll with naturally grown bean sprout, Vietnamese “rau thơm” mixed with Organic lettuce, chives wrapped in gluten free Non-GMO rice paper, served with homemade Sen's spring roll sauce. May Contain: Peanut. Vegan
Pork Only
Shrimp Only

Organic Mushroom Trigon

Organic mushroom blend, Organic garlic, Organic scallion and Organic shallot.

Organic Potato Pie

Organic golden potato, Organic parsley, Organic vegan butter, Organic shallot.

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