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Lantern - a childhood gift of generations

Lantern - a childhood gift of generations

The mid-autumn festival lantern – a childhood gift of generations

On Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam, children will eat mooncakes, have fun, sing, give away many toys and sweets, etc. each child holds a lantern and runs around the neighborhood "for the lantern parade under the moon" ". Making mid-autumn lanterns is a long-standing custom. Traditional mid-autumn lanterns look simple, but craftsmen have to put in a lot of effort and meticulousness to make them. Colorful lanterns are made from items close to daily life such as paper, cloth, silk, multicolored handmade paper, bamboo and candles but have many different meanings. The traditional mid-autumn lantern with various shapes such as carp lanterns, star lanterns, army lanterns, etc. has become a gift that contains many childhood memories of each person and has many different meanings.

Star lantern

This is the most popular type of lantern for Vietnamese people during the full moon in August. It is not difficult to see colorful lanterns with the shape of a five-pointed star surrounded by a circle that are sold in most stores. The image of a 5-pointed star surrounded by a circle represents the five elements of yin and yang in feng shui, so this lantern symbolizes the balance and harmony of relationships in life, between people and people and between people and nature.

Carp lantern

Carp lantern is one of the traditional lanterns and has many meanings for children. The image of carp is not only associated with ancient legends but also present in the lives of Vietnamese people for generations. Therefore, the carp lantern symbolizes the constant effort and overcoming difficulties in all circumstances.

Troop gathering lantern, also known as cu lantern

Originating from China, this troop gathering lantern is associated with the idea of ​​commemorating King Luc Duc, a man of strategic skills and filial piety in the Chinese society at that time. The lantern symbolizes the filial piety and love of children for their parents.

Round lantern

In Vietnam, round lanterns are usually sold throughout the year, just like the star lanterns, so they not only serve children's lantern parade activities during the Mid-Autumn Festival, but are also used for decoration. With a round shape and sparkling by candlelight emanating from inside, it is said that this is a symbol of the moon on the full moon day of August, both round and bright.

With the social development, the lanterns also change to keep up with the times with products with music and bright lights. However, the traditional mid-autumn lanterns still retain their position. Many families choose to make handmade moon lamps from recycled materials such as paper, beer cans, milk cartons, etc. equally delicate and pretty for their children. It can be said that the lantern and the Mid-Autumn Festival are compared to an inseparable "couple" and are associated with beautiful memories in the childhood of every Vietnamese person.

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