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Why Do Mr. Cuoi, Hang Nga And Jade Rabbit Live On The Moon?

Why Do Mr. Cuoi, Hang Nga And Jade Rabbit Live On The Moon?

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which takes place on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month every year, is among theimportant festivals of Vietnamese people. This occasion has the meaning of goodness, union and reunion. Besides, the feature of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam is reflected in the interesting stories about Ms. Hang Nga, Mr. Cuoi, and Jade Rabbit, etc. These are all stories handed down in folklore over the years and loved by children.


Hang Nga or Ms. Hang is a famous character in the mythical stories of China, Vietnam, and Japan. Legend said that Hang Nga was described with a beautiful face, the wife of Hau Nghe - the hero who shot down 9 Suns to help the people. Later, Hang Nga was given the elixir of immortality by the Western Queen Mother, but due to the great effect, she flew to the sky and lived on the moon. Since then, the custom of watching the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival has been passed down in folklore to pray the kind Hang Nga for luck and peace.


According to Eastern culture, from ancient times, there was a pair of rabbits who cultivated and attained enlightenment and came to meet the Jade Emperor. When they arrived at the Southern Heaven Gate, the rabbits suddenly saw Hang Nga being escorted to the moon by the Venus Owner. Touched by the story that to save the people, Hang Nga had to break the laws of heaven, the fairy rabbit sent the youngest rabbit to the moon to befriend her.


In Vietnamese culture, it is said that Cuoi, in a fight with a tiger, found a medicinal plant that brought death back to life. After that, he planted it to cure his wife and the villagers. However, due to one-time absentmindedness, she forgot her husband's instructions, the wife caused the tree and Cuoi fly into the sky. Since then, Cuoi has been on the moon with the precious tree. On every full moon day ever since, when the moon is at its brightest, when looking up, people see a black spot in the shape of an old tree with someone sitting under it. That is Mr. Cuoi waiting for the day to return to earth.

Since then, in everyone's mind, the full moon of August is when Hang Nga and Cuoi come down to earth to have fun. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, activities such as lion dance and lantern parade are enjoyed by the children. Each family prepares a tray to worship in the middle of the yard and then watch the moon and enjoy the feast together. /.

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