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Cooked Beef Brisket & Meatball* Pho with Beef Broth

Enjoy our house-made, organic, and gluten-free grass-fed beef tendon meatball with beef brisket

Cooked Beef Brisket Pho with Beef Broth

Special Phở

Phở beef broth, cooked beef brisket-house made grass fed beef meatball-chicken and organic egg

The Master Stone Pot Phở

House special organic all spices, Phở beef short ribs broth, slowly cooked for 6 hours with beef brisket short ribs, and especially with beef oxtail. The master Phở is the most sought after combination of ingredients found on the streets of Vietnam. It comes with juicy beef brisket short ribs and organic egg, homemade grass fed beef tendon meat ball. The flavor is rounded out with earthy sweet cumin undertones which comes from Rice Paddy Herbs (Ngo om pronounced Ngaw Ohm).

Vegan PHỞ

Phở Vegan Broth, Non-GMO Fried Tofu - Skin Tofu & Soy chop, Organic daikon, Organic carrot, Non-GMO Ouster mushroom

White Chicken Meat Pho with Chicken Broth

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