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Organic "Gỏi Ghẹ" Sài Gòn Salad

One of our traditional salad from Southern Việt Nam style combine with Sen style: organic arugula, organic cashew nut, organic fig, organic fig, organic orange, organic sweet onion and Vietnamese basil all together with our house house made sauce
Vegan (Non-GMO Oyster Mushroom)
White meat chicken
Gulf shrimp + Pork belly

Organic Sen Buddha Bowl Salad

This vegan Buddha bowl has it all. Nourishing mixed greens, organic arugula - organic baby kale with crunchy fresh organic zucchini and organic squash noodles. We've added fiber with organic micro sun-flower sprout and organic cucumber. For a bit of sweet we've added organic pineapple slices, organic black berries. Finally topped with fresh cooked corn, organic slice red pepper, pan fried organic lemongrass tofu and a mouthwatering Buddha sauce made with organic apple cider, pure extra virgin olive oil and organic Sen vegan house sauce.
Grilled White Chicken Breast
Ny Strip Beef
"Gulf" Shrimp
Pork Tenderloin
Add Eggs

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